complete smoothness MENS RANGE

Specifically designed for male coarse hair, this range of products are quick and super easy.

Nad's Body Hair Removal Cream for Men

Nad's For Men Hair Removal Cream

  • Effective on coarse hair
  • Ideal for chest, back, legs and arms
  • Fast-action 4-minute formula
Nad's Body Hair Removal Strips for Men

Nad's For Men Body Waxing Strips

  • Easy to use anywhere, anytime
  • Stronger, more flexible contour weave technology
  • Smooth, defined look for weeks
Nad's Hair Removal Ingrow Solution For Men

Nad's For Men Ingrow Solution

  • Helps eliminate ingrown hairs and bumps
  • Helps eliminate shaving rash and razor burn
  • Reduces redness & calms skin


world first nose wax! SAFETIP APPLICATOR

A world first for hair removal. Designed with a SafeTip™ applicator to ensure swift and accurate nose hair removal.

Nad's Hair Removal Nose Wax

Nad's Nose Wax

  • Ideal for quick and easy removal of unsightly nose hair
  • Complete with precision SAFETIP applicator
  • Also cleanses pores on the nose surface
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